Fijian Drua Kava launched

Fijian Drua Kava launched

Bringing economic benefits into Fiji was part of the idea behind the project we know as the Fijian Drua, says Fijian Drua CEO Mark Evens.

He said this in an interview after unveiling Lami Kava’s (LK) new Fijian Drua Kava pack at the LK factory in Veisari outside Lami yesterday.

LK managing director Donny Yee said the new packaging was in honour of the commitment as the official kava sponsor to the Fijian Drua for the next two years.

Evens said if the Fijian Drua could have a commercial transaction with people and businesses such as LK which benefitted its sales domestically as well as overseas, that transaction would also benefit the Fijian Drua.

“In the same way there was no opportunity for Fijian players to join a Fijian team and play in the super rugby series, there was no team for companies like Lami Kava to associate with,” Evens said.

“This didn’t exist and its all part of the same project.”

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