Pacific Regional Conference On Kava - Ocotber 27-29 2021

Pacific Regional Conference On Kava - Ocotber 27-29 2021

The Regional Kava Conference will be held virtually from 27-29 October with the theme United Approach: Wan Ples, Wan Kava.

Kava plays an integral part in the cultural, economic and social life of the peoples of the Pacific Islands.

As a cash crop, it is providing employment and a #PepperynSpicy source of income for our communities in the rural areas.

Kava is widely consumed in the Pacific islands but is also exported in significant quantities for use as a beverage in other countries.

There is also a market for kava as a herbal medicine as an alternative to pharmaceutical sleeping and anti-anxiety medication, which has significant market value internationally.

Please join us tomorrow if you want to learn more about kava, be part of the discussion or just to connect with Kava stakeholders from across the Pacific region and abroad! To do that, you will need to register:

#WanPlesWanKava #PromotingRuralLivelihoods #PPPP

Pacific Regional Conference On Kava

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